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Somedays liberal, somedays libertarian sodomy-loving fun-obsessed Chicagoan - probably the embodiment of Ralph Reed's worst nightmare but shockingly kind AND good for the nation.


Dislikes: how poorly I write about myself, people who point out their own flaws in hopes that if they acknowledge them first that actually makes them acceptable (like I just did), meta stuff (like the last two dislikes and this one too), hypocrisy, folks who judge too quickly

Likes: Did somebody say hypocrisy? Judging those that get so wrapped up in their own small worlds that they completely lose all perspective. This applies to LA (celebrity fawning), DC (political opining), NYC (media promotion), ESPN (sports fandom) and the Internet (blogs as ego-masturbation) .

I, of course, will do all 5 parenteticals on this site. I also may mock others for doing so. Like I said, hypocrisy.


film, television, spending ridiculous times lusting after gadgets, british tv, thinking about writing longer stuff than this